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Unveiling the newest Looneystein tee! 🎨 by purchasing this you become a vital part of the Looneystein journey, and you dont only support the dream, but the mission to make it known that if you follow your dreams you can do anything!

From Oct 2023 - Feb 2024, all store proceeds will go to 'Save the Children'. Wear it to show your support for the dream, the art, and the next creative generation! #LooneysteinLegacy

BUT WAIT, there's more... ;)

The voices in my head were screaming "THE PEOPLE WANT SOME ART!!!" so i listened and decided to also release my newest piece "A state of Illusion as an extra saucy, extra juicy, 18" x 18" poster AND a 12" x 12" metal print!!! 

**Like the T Shirt - ALL PROCEEDS between October 2023 and January 2024 will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN 

A State of Illusion. 

   Everywhere now, we are lost in cycles, running around an endless track where the end is the beginning, technology is at the core of ourselves, and the media has control of the flow. look at this puzzle ive created and see if you can find clues for the Zeitgeist, "The Ghost of our Time" 

est 2023

Printed Digital Sculpture

Paper Ed - 500 pcs

Metal Ed -100 pcs

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