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Adrian Stein's sculptural work in the context of human consciousness and the machine age presents a robust challenge to our understanding of the intersection between technology and the human experience. Stein's sculptures, deeply rooted in themes of Deus Ex Machina and Cartesian skepticism, question the essence of the soul and the nature of disembodiment in a digital era.

Stein skillfully navigates the realm of physical art, while embedding the essence of our digital lives into his sculptures. He confronts the viewer with the stark contrast between the tangible and the virtual, the organic and the artificial. The exaggerated themes of internet maximalism and meme culture are not just superficial adornments in his work; they serve as critical commentary on the hyper-reality of our online existences.

His sculptures are not mere objects but are conversations in form and space. They engage with the viewer on a level that transcends the visual, probing the deeper implications of our increasingly digital identities. Stein's work reflects a world where the physical and the digital are in constant dialogue, where the boundaries of the human soul are continually renegotiated in the face of advancing technology.

In this landscape, Stein stands out for his ability to harness traditional sculptural techniques while infusing them with contemporary digital themes. His work challenges the viewer to reconsider the relationship between our physical selves and our digital avatars, making a profound statement on the nature of existence in the machine age.

2018 - Present



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