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Between 2013 and 2018, Adrian Stein crafted an impactful series of artworks that melded digital pop motifs with elements of Americana symbolism. These pieces, vibrant and visually striking, offer a contemporary nod to the iconic works of Roy Lichtenstein. Stein's art during this period stands as a dialogue with postmodern print techniques, blending the familiar language of pop art with modern digital aesthetics.

In this series, Stein skillfully incorporates classic symbols of American culture, reimagining them through a digital lens. His use of bold colors and graphic lines echoes the pop art tradition, while the integration of digital techniques and textures pushes the boundaries into new realms of artistic expression. These works not only pay homage to the legacy of Lichtenstein but also provoke a conversation about the evolution of art in the digital era, questioning and exploring the relationship between traditional Americana imagery and contemporary artistic practice.

2013 - 2018

Print Media


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