Objectification No.1

3D printed PETG, digital animation, enamel. 


Objectification No.1 is a PHYSICAL ART PIECE consisting of 25 custom painted 3D printed copies of the body within the Quantum Mirror animations.

with the purchase of this NFT you will also be shipped the physical art installation *price does NOT include shipping and handling.

Objectification No.1 is a material exploration on the bodies reaction to the rigid world of machine manufacturing, binary code and 90* angles. Using computer aided design and 3d printing as vehicles for manifestation, Objectification No.1 brings to question the things that make humans both unique and part of the same species. By attempting to reproduce the same body into 25 iterations, the artefacts and mistakes of the printing process become a gestalt feature that allow each body to be unique and beautiful by means of their own error. Through the use of the red/blue binary, the color of Objectification No.1 brings up a colloquial sense of division, while pin pointing the internal war that every human faces.