Continuity No.1

OLED screen, digital animation, acrylic. 


Continuity No.1 is sold as an NFT and is a PHYSICAL ART PIECE.


Continuity No.1 lives inside of an LG GX55 55" 4K portrait display with a custom mirrored frame that is inspired by Quantum Mirror.*

​From the Quantum Mirror series, Continuity explores the place of the individual within the infinity of the metaverse. Through the infinite and recursive generation of bodies arranged in a perfect grid, Continuity brings into question how our individual identity is perceived in a world where it can be easily copied ad infinitum. Your Bank accounts, passwords, social media presences, and beyond are captured in the cloud, what is to say that you don't exist everywhere now; and we must ask ourselves, is that really you?

Buyer gets access to full res file and folder of frames, along with a special private tour of Quantum Mirror and a personal Q&A with the artist.


**The price does NOT include shipping, handling, and installation of physical art piece